Thursday, September 23, 2010

The King's Christmas List by Eldon Johnson

I am participating in Thomas Nelson's Booksneeze program, and recently received a copy of The King's Christmas List by Eldon Johnson. This is a childrens book (I would say for preschool to young grade school children) and is quite sweet. It has full page illustrations throughout that are very colorful and fun. It is a simplistic story, but one that I think my children will love. The main character is invited to the Kings birthday party and she sets off with presents for the King. The book chronicles her eventful trip, and eventual arrival at the party. This is a book that will definitely help you remember the true meaning of Christmas. I plan on reading it to my children in December as we discuss what Christmas is all about. I would definitely recommend this book.

A Century Turns: New Hopes, New Fears by William J. Bennett

I was very excited to discover the booksneeze program. The first book that I received was A Century Turns: New Hopes, New Fears by William J. Bennett. I must admit that it took me awhile to get into the book. I started it a while ago, and ended up putting it down after the first 10 pages. The next time that I picked it up I was able to really get into the book. I found it very informative, and also quite enjoyable. It covers the years 1988-2008. I really enjoyed how it spelled out the things that happened in that time period and how they affected the politics of the day. The author had a lot of personal experiences to include. I remembered a lot of the things that happened, but I didn't always understand how they fit together, or what the significance of the event was. This book was very helpful in that regard. I felt that it was a fairly straightforward, unbiased view of the events that took place over the last 20 years. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wanted to brush up on what has happened, and the significance of those events.